Practices in Ripa Ukraine as a part of Ripa tradition

Thanks to the visits of our teachers, the support of the international sanghas and the participation of our members in international training, Ripa Ukraine has the possibility to perform many practices of Ripa lineage.

  • Ngondro
  • Medicine Buddha Sadhana
  • Gesar Dralha
  • Gesar Lhasang
  • Guru Rinpoche Heart Essence
  • Yeshe Tsogyal Sadhana
  • Narak Kong Shak
  • Puja for Protectors
  • Tsetar
  • Samantabhadra prayer

We try to constantly practice it and help beginners who want to do Dharma. We hope to receive many other teachings and sadhanas from our teachers in the future in order to root the Dharma here and for the benefit of all sentient beings.