Letter Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche about coronavirus

Letter Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche about coronavirus

The monasteries in Tibet and Asia have been doing many pujas for protection and healing from these illnesses.

I would like to say how concerned I am and send my prayer and thought in this difficult time.

In the words of Kyabje Namkha Trimed Rinpoche:
“In this age of extreme materialistic culture, fueled by aggression and self-centeredness, it is clear we are mentally and emotionally becoming more disturbed and unhappy.we have caused irreparable damage to our environment and natural resources, as a result, earth quake, fire, storm and flooding are frequently ravaging balance of live around the world. by exploiting earth and space This has also disturbed and destroyed natural dwellings of non-human beings and spirits.our collective ignorance of inter-dependency and sheer absence of human heart of kindness and compassion is appalling.
unfortunately, we now face constant threat of illnesses of epidemic scale causing enormous suffering and fear, corona virus among them.
Fortunately, difficult times like this gives rise to human solidarity and opportunity to invoke our innate feeling of loving kindness, care and compassion for all beings so that the diseases stop and quickly recover from the devastation.
For cleansing our collective Karmic deeds, protection from illnesses and effect of harmful spirits, we should all pray and recite the Mantra of Guru Rinpoche, who has the compassion and power to grant us libertarian from these harms and sufferings.
Everyone is encouraged to read this Mantra of Guru Drakpo (wrathful Guru) individually or collectively.
Om Pema Shavari Phet, Nen Par Shik, Naga Nen, Tadyatha, Sarva Vririta, Hana Hana Bezar Na, Raksha Raksha, Svaha!
Guru Rinpoche seven line prayer.
Sangay Menla Mantra. ”

beside seeking medical / health advice from concerned authorities, please do remain calm.

May peace and health prevail on Earth.
yours sincerely
Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche.

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