Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan Medicine (Sowa Rigpa, in Tibetan − Sorig) is a science of balance and longevity. The literal translation is the science of healing that is more than 2500 years old. It is said that Buddha himself taught it to people.

Having originated from the ancient kingdom of Zhang-hung Tibetan Medicine gradually transformed into an independent science.

Tibetan Medicine is one of the most efficient holistic medical systems of prevention and recovery of the body, which can diagnose a predisposition to diseases before their obvious manifestation in the body.

Elements of the body are interdependent and connected by a system of channels. So, Tibetan Medicine believes weakness of one element to be a weakness of the whole system. Therefore, organs or tissues are treated considering their connection with other organs or tissues of the body.

Tibetan Medicine is based on knowledge about five primary elements (earth, water, fire, wind and space) and three doshas (life principles) − Wind (Lung), Bile (Tripa) and Slime (Beken). In all tissues of the body the primary elements are in different proportions, and a ratio of doshas in the body determines the constitution of a person and his (her) predisposition to a disease. A human body is considered as an unclosed system functioning in a close relationship with an outside world. Thus, not only individual characteristics of the body are taken into account, but also external factors – nutrition, lifestyle, area of living, season, seasonal changes and even an influence of astronomical and astrological factors.

Incorrect nutrition, lifestyle and seasonal changes are the main triggers for imbalance, which eventually can cause a disease. That is why Tibetan Medicine carefully coordinates diet and lifestyle with individual constitution. Constitution type can only be determined correctly by a qualified doctor.

Studying Tibetan Medicine requires from 6 to 20 years. Of which at least one year should be dedicated to a meditation course. Concentration and ability to harness their mind is vitally important for a Sowa Rigpa doctor.

‘Zhud-Shi’ is the main treatise on Tibetan healing. This ancient text has been used by doctors of Tibetan Medicine for hundreds of years.

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