Methods of diagnosis in Sowa Rigpa

Methods of diagnosis in Sowa RigpaDiagnosis in Tibetan medicine is based on:

  1. visual examination (tongue, ears, urine, etc.)
  2. pulse diagnosis
  3. interview with a patient

Pulse diagnostics is the main method of examining a patient in Tibetan Medicine. Pulse diagnostics can detect an existing or an oncoming imbalance or disease. The doctor palpates one’s pulse with six fingers – thus the composition of doshas, condition of internal organs and duration of a disease are determined.

Patient treatment in Tibetan Medicine is primarily based on adjusting nutrition and lifestyle. If these adjustments are not sufficient for recovery, a doctor prescribes Tibetan herbal mixes. Traditional Tibetan procedures are appointed in case when adjustments to diet, lifestyle and Tibetan herbal mixes are not enough for a full recovery.

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