Tibetan herbal mixes

Tibetan herbal mixesAfter diagnosis, if necessary, in case of supporting therapy, patient could be prescribed Tibetan herbal mixes. It is a natural product, the number of ecologically pure constituents in it may range between two and several dozen.

The composition may include all parts of the plant: roots, stems, leaves, resin, fruits, seeds, etc., but basically − each separate part is processed in a special way.

Doctor Sherab is the founder of the research center Pure Vision Sorig with the plantations of unique medicinal plants of the Himalayas (in Nepal and Bhutan). The Doctor personally visits the plantations and controls the collection, procurement and production of medicinal pills.

Herbs are mostly harvested in summer. All plants and their parts are collected at appropriate time: day of the week, day of the lunar cycle and other factors are taken into account.

The whole process of manufacturing is under the direct supervision of the Doctor, which guarantees the quality of the product. Basically, the ingredients are processed by hands. It is believed that mechanical handling heats the product, and this may influence unfavorably its medicinal properties.

After manufacturing, it is important that the mixes are blessed with a prayer, then their impact on the body will not only be at the level of biochemical composition, but also energy (this is a significant factor in the effectiveness of treatment with Tibetan herbal mixes).

Tibetan medicinal mixes (whether in form of decoction, pills, paste etc.) usually make a multiple influence on the body, curing not only one specific diseases, but also improving the overall health condition.

Tibetan herbal mixes recover the functions of organs and systems gradually, so most of them should be taken on a regular basis, from a couple of months to several years depending on a disease. Keeping a diet and leaving a lifestyle appropriate for one’s individual constitution enhance the effect of Tibetan pills.

It is recommended to take them as a precious jewel, with joy and positive thoughts about health.